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ROBOTC Programming Course
a C Programming Language for Robotics 

July Holiday Program, 3 consecutive workshops and Each Workshops for 3 hours

          By Registered Creative Kids Program Provider in NSW

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Age Group: Year 6 - Year 8 students

          Class size: 6 – 8 students

C/C++ Programming is widely used to control computer hardware and run software applications of all time. It is
also one of the most preferred languages for students to learn serious programming nowadays. RobotC is developed
by Carnegie Mellon Robotics Academy as a premier C-based programming language for popular educational robots
such as LEGO Mindstorms and VEX. 


This programming course suits the need of studying Advanced Robotics Programming for those students already with
coding skills of using EV3 Graphic Programming. RobotC has been used by students to challenge the missions in the
robotics competition of RobocupJunior. And the programming experience learned from this course benefits students’ 
computational thinking capabilities in many other areas. 

Students will learn how to use the RobotC Integration Development Environment (IDE) to write, compile and debugger 
programs for EV3 robot. The features of Robot Virtual World (RVW) will be covered in this course. So it could enable 
attendees to test RobotC programming in a 3D simulation environment without physical robots.